Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bappa Rawal

Bappa Rawal had born Prince kalbhoj, c. 713-810, eight ruler of the Guhilot Rajput Dynasty and the founder of the Mewar Dynasty (r.734-753) in the present day Rajasthan, India. Bappa Rawal obtain Chittor in the dowry from Maan Mori

Bappa Rawal is known for his strong pride in his Dharma and culture, for defeating the alien Arabian invaders and being the great, glorious and brave king. He started as the ruler of the small principality in Nagahrad (Nagda), and extended his ruler ship up to Chittaud.

Bappa Rawal was one of the most powerful and the famous rulers of Mewar Dynasty. Bappa was also blessed by Harita, the sage of the Mewar region with the kingship. He based the capital of Mewar in the fortress city of Chittor. In order to face the Muslim invasions across the western borders of Rajputana, Bappa united the smaller states of Ajmer and Jaisalmer to repel the invaders.
In the 39th century of Kaliyuga (i.e 8th century A.D). Muslims started attacking India within the few decades of the birth of Islam. Bappa Rawal fought and defeated the Arab invaders in the country and also turned the tide against them and dominated the aliens in their own territory. For few hundred years hundred years they had no success. Bin Qasim was unable to defeat the Dahir in Sindhi but was routed by the Bappa Rawal. Qasim attacked Chittore, which was ruled by the Mori Rajputs via Mathura. Bappa, of Guhilote dynasty was the commander in Mori army and so was the Dahir’s son.
Bappa Rawal defeated and pursued Bin Qasim through Saurashtra and back to Sindh. After this defeats of the caliphate at the hands of Bappa, for the next few hundred years there were no more Islamic incursion into India.

Bappa was also known to be just ruler.  He abdicated the throne in favour of his son- rather made his son as the king and he turned into Siva upasaka (worshipper of Shiva) and became a Yati (an ascetic who has full control over his passion).

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