Monday, May 2, 2016

Amar singh Rathore

Amar Singh Rathore (11 December 1613 - 25 July 1644)  was a Rajput nobleman affiliated with the royal house of Marwar, and a courtier of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in seventeenth-century India. After he was disinherited and exiled by his family, he entered the Mughals' service.

His legendary bravery and battle prowess resulted in elevation to a high rank in the imperial nobility and personal recognition by the emperor, who made him the Subedar (governor) of a region that was directly ruled by the emperor himself, Nagaur. In 1644, he was enraged by an attempt by the emperor to levy a fine on him for an unauthorized absence. In the emperor's presence, he stabbed and killed Salabat Khan, who had been asked to collect the fine.

He was the famous fighter who jumped from Agra Fort with his horse.

Raja Gaj Singh ruling Marwar region under Mughul ruler Shah Jahan. His son Amar Singh Rathore was great warrior and a patriot but was dis-inherited by his father and exiled for reasons unknown. Later, he joined Shah Jahan in Delhi Sultanate. Shah Jahan impressed by his gallantry, even made him Jagirdar of Nagaur. However Salabat Khan, brother-in-law of the emperor, was envious of Amar Singh Rathore's rise in the state and was waiting for an opportunity to discredit Amar Singh. He got opportunity soon when he learned some trifle about Amar Singh's unauthorised absence. Salabat blown it up as an issue so much that the Moghul Monarch asked Salabat to fine Amar Singh.
Shah Jahan was furious at Amar's misadventure and annoyed by the fact his force couldn't kill Amar. So next day in court, the emperor announced that a Jagir (land grant) will be given to those who would kill Amar Singh but no one was ready to take a chance with Amar Singh Rathore, as they faced his wrath just a day before. Arjun, Amar Singh's brother-in-law, accepted the challenge, lured by the emperor's offer of a jagir. Arjun approached Amar claiming the Monarch realised his mistake and would not lose a warrior Amar. Even though Amar was not convinced at the beginning, but he soon fell to Arjun's art of treachery.

On hearing Amar Singh's death, his wife along with the Rajput soldiers headed by Bhallu Singh and Ram Singh attacked the fort where the body of Amar Singh was lying. However, thousands of Moghul soldiers surrounded the Rajput forces. The valiant Rajput forces resisted them until Amar Singh's body was taken away from the fort. Though all of those Rajput fighters laid down their lives, but never bowed to the superiority of the Moghul Sultanate.

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